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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thought for the Day - Words Matter

"Words matter. The words you use determine the way you feel. Call some condition a "disaster" and that will create a completely different emotional response that defining it as a "learning opportunity."
Every word creates a consequence (whether you realize it or not).
Do you speak like a victim? Is your daily language the Language of Blame. Do you suffer from the dreaded disease of victimitis excusitis? :)
Or do you speak like a Leader Without Title, whose words inspire and energize and help people move from where they now are to where they've always dreamed of being?"

-- Robin Sharma

I have adopted this in my life and choose to see problems as challenges, setbacks as opportunities and it has positively impacted the choices and outcomes in my life. Emotions are connected to words and if we are pissed or peeved affects how we feel. Just like everything in life the words we choose to describe a situation matters. Choose words that empower you and allow you to find solutions.

John Duffy

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