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Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The song "American Heart" resonates very deeply for me.

"I’m American made
I got American parts"...

I was born in the Bronx, the son of two Irish immigrants who came to America in 1928 during the Great Depression to find the American Dream and they gave it to me.

I can say that I became a proud Born Again American on September 11, 2001.

"‘Cause a mother can always find her child
Even when that child don’t know he’s lost"...

And yes I was lost for many, many years searching for a Utopia and rejecting and not appreciating America but thankfully I found my way back home.

And today I can say unequivocally I am a believer and a champion of American Exceptionalism and the American Dream.

"But I say I still believe in
The greatest Liberator, Innovator, Cultivator
Freedom knows..."

This July 4th we can celebrate the bringing of justice to Osama bin Laden but more importantly we can celebrate all that is great about America and all that unites us. So I can say in the words of "American Heart"

"I’m American made
I got American parts
Got American faith
In America’s heart

Go on raise the flag
I got stars in my eyes
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize"

Happy July 4th. Let Freedom Ring......

John Duffy

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