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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thought for the Day - No Victims Only Volunteers

"Being Proactive is about taking control and ownership of your life. It is not about laying blame or justifying, which is what victims do. There are no victims, only volunteers."

-- Keith J Cunningham

I love the statement there are no victims only volunteers. Now of course like all things in life there are exceptions to this and this is not to say there are not situations where people truly are victims. The purpose of the statement is to point out that many times in life people choose yes choose to play victim instead of empowering themselves to take an alternative action or course of behaviour. The point is to be proactive and take full control of your life. Yes there are many circumstances in life outside of our control but we have a choice and control over how we respond to to it. So choose to not volunteer to be a victim in life...

John Duffy

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