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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thought for the Day - Power of Story Week - Ronnie Clemmer

"Great leaders and movie heroes share in common a fierce determination to do what's needed, regardless of the odds. The best of Hollywood movies stand as riveting exemplars of real-life leadership, for everyone who yearns not merely to survive but to lead, to prevail, to make a difference."

-- Ronnie Clemmer-  Hollywood Producer " A League of Their Own"

I've line produced two movies for Ronnie Clemmer and consider him a best friend. He exemplifies real-life leadership. I love this quote as it sums up what it is to be a leader and a hero in movies or in life. A leader/hero yearns not to survive but to lead and to make a difference. It's how I attempt to lead my life.

-- John Duffy

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