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Monday, June 03, 2013

Moments That Make You Go Hmmm

Ever Have One of Those Moments That Make You Go Hmmm?

Yesterday I had one. I was having one of my very rare down moments and was in a little bit of a funk. I was walking on the Promenade and I saw an old man who had a hunchback wheeling a luggage bag behind him. He caught my attention and I turned and watched him walk up the street. I thought about his life in contrast to mine and just  wished in that moment  that God was looking out for him and would make his life easier. It wasn't something that I usually think or focus on. After a a minute or two I turned the corner and walked very slowly deep in thought with my head down until a young African-American man in his 30's stepped in front of me and turned to me and said  "Are you okay?"
It took me off guard and I wasn't sure where he was coming from. I responded "I'm all good" and he smiled and said " Jesus loves you". I said "Back at you". He smiled and said "God Bless You" and walked off leaving me in a different state than a minute before and wondering about the connection of me stopping and wishing God look out for the hunchback man a minute before and this young man stopping me to tell me "God Bless You"  was connected. A coincidence? Maybe but also one of those moments that make you go Hmmm?

-- John Duffy

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