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Monday, November 18, 2013

Make a Difference

One Person Can Make a Difference. Be That One Person 

I received this thank you note from a student who attended my Film Seminar this weekend. I just had to share it because it was very special of her to write it and it made my evening when I opened it after returning home.

"You made this workshop a great learning experience ! The amount of thought, concern, and care that went into every moment of it blew me away. You've shown me that there are good people in Hollywood who stand for values and integrity, and that gives me hope. I am on a mission to impact the culture, you're right. And this weekend has been invaluable both in education and encouragement. So thank you for impacting me and all the students who attended. God bless you in your journey."

I am grateful that I was able to accomplish my objective in teaching the seminar and impacting the students. I am grateful for the opportunity that was provided to me to share my experiences with them and I thank her for the very kind words.

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