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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be Your Best

People sometimes ask me why I Post daily Inspirational and motivational content on Facebook?
I started doing it back in 2008 to go along with the Blog I started called "The Glass is 3/4's Full. I decided to share my personal philosophy and life lessons that have helped me overcome the challenges and adversity in my life. I figured I could throw a small rock of positivity in the water every day and maybe it would create a small ripple in life. 
I realize that the quotes are just that quotes and are not magic bullets and are at times simplistic since after all they are only quotes and yet they help remind us of the positive in life and remind us to put things into perspective and help us  remember we always have a choice in life and yes there is always a solution and we can find the empowering meanings for the challenges in our lives.
I have been on a personal journey of self growth and empowerment for a very long time and have come a long way in my own life. I attempt to always share that with others and to play a role in life to encourage others, to inspire others and to challenge ourselves to grow and be our best. 
I post quotes  for myself as much as for others. I post them to remind myself to live daily with gratitude and to attempt to make a difference for the better in life. 
I know they resonate with some of my friends on FB and recognize they are not for everyone. We are all different and see the world different. 
I will continue to post one every day to remind myself to aspire to Be My Best and hope they inspire you to Be Your Best.
Make Your Life a Masterpiece

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