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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Got Stories: A Story Part II 
So last night I'm at a friends dinner party and he introduces me to someone he wanted to connect me with for awhile. I ask him what his story is and he tells me the following: "His son was 19 and signed up to join the US Airforce and was coming out of a party in LA when he was killed in a drive-by shooting. It devastated him and he didn't know how to handle it. So he prayed and asked what he could do about this and he got the message that he needed to write a Memoir about his son and him. So he tells me that he answered, "I don't know how to write I'm a manager and a business man. In his prayers he got back "Just Write It", Just Write It". Well he did and he said all these people appeared to help him with editing, cover design, publishing and he published the book.
He shared how it has gone on to touch people's lives and how he has set up foundation in honor of his son and is sponsoring scholarships and helping veterans with his foundation.
I just kept hearing the words in my mind, "Just Write it". I told him about the post I made that morning about my Memoir and how his story touched me and especially the words "Just Write It". I made a new friend last night and gained a new inspiration for my life.
Now some will see this meeting as purely a coincidence and some might see it as a woman I met in DC at the GI Film Festival put it when they "coincidentally" walked into a museum that day while visiting DC and ran into her husbands HS friend from Texas who was screening his film "Last Man Club" that maybe this was "God's wink". Either way I think that maybe I need to "Just Write It"

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