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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

John Duffy Inspiring Speaker Bronx to Hollywood

If you are an Event Planner looking for a unique Speaker with a incredible story of overcoming adversity and going from the Ghetto to Greatness and from the Bronx to Hollywood then I have a story and Speaker for you. 

I have to warn you that your audience will not be able to figure out where I'm from by listening to my accent. I usually challenge them to guess and most guess Boston. I say I moved to the West Coast but my accent moved up the East Coast to Boston and I'm trying to get it back.

I have a unique story growing up in the South Bronx in one of the toughest and poorest neighborhoods in America. I'm the son of two Irish Immigrants and I dropped out of high school at 15 and started my long journey that lead to my becoming a actor then a film producer, Professor, author and transformational speaker. It's a great against all odds story and I share it to encourage others to discover their greatness and overcome the adversities in their lives.
So I welcome you to contact me today at to arrange for me to speak to your company, association, group. 

Public Speaking:
Speaker - Notre Dame Event - Upcoming
VIP Speaker at NASA - You Mission Critical - Houston, TX
Key Note Speaker - PA 101 for Military Vets - Los Angeles 
Key Note Speaker - Los Angeles Film School "Salute to Military" - Hollywood 
Speaker - Film Panel Cerritos College 
Speaker - Reality TV Seminar - Triway "Attended by 17 Chinese Film Professors from PRC"
Intro speaker at Tony Robbins Video Sales Training program, 

*Produced and line produced over 30 feature films.
* Line produced 2 USMC training films 
* Directed 2 short films "The Flag" screened at GI Film Festival in Wash DC 

Wrote memoir "Black Irish - Not Your Average White Boy"
Wrote two Blogs "The Glass is 3/4's Full" and "Duffy Square "

Professor 3 Semesters at MBA Film Program John Paul the Great Catholic University 

Dual Citizen:
US and Ireland

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